Customer FAQ's:

Procuret makes money by adding a margin to the invoice value. Depending on the arrangements Procuret makes with the supplier, this margin is included in the monthly payments you make. Or, they form part of the fee paid by the supplier.

The payments we receive from you over the course of the Procuret instalment term go toward meeting the obligations we have to our staff, running the Procuret business, compliance, funding and the ongoing development of Procuret products that will improveyour experience.

We proudly use technology and do things differently. Our proprietary algorithms and systems review each payment in real time. It’s pricing unique each supplier relationship

We run Procuret with fewer (but really adaptive) people. This allows us to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.

Procuret is perfect for purchases where it makes complete sense to pay for over time rather than upfront. For example if you purchase an annual software licence or an asset that provides you business a long term benefit, it makes sense to match the payments to the benefit term.

Paying with Procuret allows you to preserve cash and maintain working capital. If you’re making a really large purchase for your business ($50,000+), we recommend speaking with a traditional lender.

No. Procuret is designed for business to business transactions.

No. To offer you certainty, once you acknowledge delivery, the price point does not change.

No, we are a payment provider built for the 21st Century

At Procuret, we aim to help businesses buy and pay for purchases in a way that allows them to succeed.

Your installments do not start until you approve the purchase or service - it's one of the ways we try look out for our business customers. If you are not happy with your purchase, do not approve installments to commence (obviously!). Rather, speak with the supplier directly to arrange a solution.

If something goes wrong, whilst we have policies and procedures to review suppliers, we also rely on the process that you have gone through to get comfortable with the supplier (just like you would with any purchase you make), and the purchase that you’ve chosen. You must contact your supplier to arrange a solution. In the meantime our system will continue to collect your instalments as per our agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Procuret uses the process available through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. This process provides customers an external process where a complaint or dispute in relation to your Procuret agreement has not been satisfactorily resolved directly with Procuret. You can contact AFCA ( to register an unresolved dispute.

If there is a chance that you will miss a payment, please let Procuret know beforehand. If a payment dishonours once Procuret has attempted to direct debit your account, then a dishonour fee of $10 applies; this covers the cost of re-running the payment and processing charges incurred. The payment will be attempted again the next day. If the payment remains unpaid, there is a 0.09% per day late charge calculated against the balance of your Procuret Plan for each day the payment remains outstanding. It is always best if you can pay on time!

We understand. Please let us know as soon as you may not be able to make a payment, tell us by emailing

The monthly payment amount presented is the amount you will pay. So long as you pay your instalment on time, there are no other charges.

Procuret is a Business to Business (B2B) payment platform. Requesting your ABN allows the instalments to be in the name of the business rather than you as an individual. Procuret assesses the eligibility of your businesses using your ABN and other provided data.

Supplier FAQ's:

Once your client confirms that all goods and services have been provided to their expectation, you will be paid within 48 hours.

Practically, payment is dependent on the time of day your customer approves the fulfillment.

Not really. We go to great lengths to make using Procuret as seamless and easy as possible. The only variations to current process are:

  1. Need to set up the Procuret payment
  2. Need to request payment from Procuret when all goods and services are provided

If you have any questions please contact us at

For the full list of requirements, please review you supplier agreement. Ultimately, the most important obligation is to offer standards of diligence and care expected of a responsible and reputable supplier in the course of its operations - basically, run a fair, customer centric and honest business.

Sign up, it’s free and fast. Once qualified, you will have instant access to your supplier dashboard.

No. Procuret cannot be offered to customers purchasing inventory and consumables. If you have questions, please contact us at