Customer FAQ's:

Procuret is an Australian based Fintech. We provide online finance solutions to eligible small and medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand to help them pay for essential invoices.

Our credit solutions include Instalment plan contracts and Digital Insurance Premium Funding.

Procuret is designed only for business to business transactions and purchases made for genuine business purposes. Eligible businesses seeking credit solutions for essential invoices can use Procuret.

Procuret requires an authorised representative of the business entity to complete the online credit eligibility process with Procuret. This means a director, business owner or someone with delegated authority from a director of the business. Procuret may request additional information at time of transaction to verify the authorised representative's authority and identity.

To complete the process online, simply click on the link provided by your Supplier and follow the prompts. It takes about 2-3 mins to complete.

You will need your driver's licence, mobile phone, business name and payment details handy to complete the process (credit eligibility criteria applies).

Procuret is a third-party instalment plan provider. We are separate and not connected to your chosen Supplier or the services they provide.

By using Procuret, you enter into a finance obligation with us. Procuret pays your Supplier's Invoice on your behalf and in exchange you repay Procuret in regular instalments (plus applicable finance charges) in accordance with the plan terms and conditions.

Your Instalment Plan with Procuret is not cancellable, although it can be prepaid at the principal balance owing plus a small break fee.

If you have queries or comments in relation to your Supplier's product or service purchased using Procuret, please contact your Supplier directly to discuss these and resolve any product disputes.

You must contact your Supplier to resolve any product or service dispute with your purchases.

Whilst we have policies and procedures to review and accredit Suppliers, we also rely on the process that you have taken to get comfortable with the Supplier and the purchase that you've chosen - just like you would with any purchase you make.

In the meantime, our system will continue to collect your instalments as per the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Procuret is a Business to Business (B2B) payment platform. Requesting your ABN or NZBN allows the Instalments Plan to be established in the name of the business rather than an individual. Procuret assesses the credit eligibility of your business, background and data about the business history using your ABN or NZBN and other available data.

As an online process, we do ask for identification details, including the transactor's driver licence to ensure we are dealing with a genuine person that is authorised to complete the transaction. As a B2B credit provider we have regulatory requirements to know who we are transacting with and that 'Know Your Client' (KYC) identity regulatory requirements are met.

Procuret makes money by adding a finance charge to the invoice value. This finance charge is included in the instalments you make to Procuret. As part of our transaction process, you agree to the terms and conditions and to pay the instalments via direct debit on the due dates. The monthly instalment is fully disclosed to you at the first transaction screen, at confirmation of payment method and once again at completion of the transaction process.

The finance charge is determined by the Instalment term available for your invoice and may vary depending on pricing arrangements Procuret makes with the Supplier.

The payments we receive from you over the course of the fixed instalment term for your plan go toward meeting the obligations we have to our staff, running the Procuret business, compliance, investors, funders and the ongoing development of Procuret products to improve customer experience.

We run Procuret with fewer (but adaptive) people. This allows us to keep our costs low, whilst providing a convenient instalment option that saves you time and time is money!

We proudly use technology and do things differently. Our proprietary algorithms and systems review each transaction in real time.

Procuret is perfect for business purchases that are lumpy and where it makes complete sense to pay over-time rather than upfront. For example, if you purchase an annual software licence or an asset that provides your business a long-term benefit, it makes sense to match the payment term to the term of the benefit.

Paying with Procuret allows you to preserve cash and maintain working capital. If you're making a really large purchase for your business ($100,000+), we recommend speaking with a traditional lender.

No. Procuret is designed only for business to business transactions, and purchases made for genuine business purposes.

No. To offer you certainty, once your Instalment Plan commences, the regular instalments won't change unless your plan is overdue or restructured by mutual agreement due to severe changes in your business' financial circumstances.

If you wish to prepay your Instalment Plan contract (also referred to as an Early Termination), you can do so by contacting us at The prepayment amount is the opening principal balance owing on your Instalment Plan at the time of full prepayment plus a small break fee calculated at 2.0% of the original invoice value of your purchase.

If there is a chance that you will miss a payment, please let Procuret know beforehand by contacting us at If a debit dishonours once Procuret has attempted to debit your account, then a dishonour fee of $15 applies. This helps cover the cost of re-running the payment and processing charges incurred. The payment will be attempted again the next day.

If the instalment remains overdue, late charges at 0.09% per day calculated against your outstanding balance applies for each day the payment remains outstanding. It is always best if you can pay on time!

Please let us know as soon as you may not be able to make a payment, tell us by contacting us by phone on (+61) 2 8899 5399 (Australia) or (+64) 9870 8151 (New Zealand) or emailing us at

Our team will contact you to better understand your financial circumstances and determine how we can assist you. If there is a more suitable time to have the conversation, please let us know.

The monthly payment amount presented is the amount you will pay. So long as you pay your instalment on time, there are no other charges. If you are overdue on your plan, then late charges apply.

If you wish to prepay your instalment plan contract, there is a small break fee that applies, and this is added to the opening principal balance at the time of full prepayment. This is calculated at 2% of the original invoice value.

No, we are a B2B credit solutions and payment provider built using technology.

In Australia, Procuret uses the process available through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. This process provides customers an external process where a complaint or dispute in relation to your Procuret agreement has not been satisfactorily resolved directly with Procuret. You can contact AFCA ( to register an unresolved dispute.

In New Zealand, Procuret uses the process available through Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL). You can contact FSCL ( to register an unresolved dispute.

Supplier FAQ's:

Procuret will pay you the funds for an eligible and successfully completed transaction within 24 - 48 hours of completion. Please note that a transaction is not successfully completed until the funds are held in your account.

In the event that Procuret subsequently flags as incomplete, we will notify you immediately, so please avoid relying on any other advice, whether from the Customer or otherwise.

Not really. We go to great lengths to make using Procuret as seamless and easy as possible. The only variations to current process are that the customer needs to complete the process and be eligible under our credit eligibility criteria.

Your obligations under Australian regulations to your customers continue to apply.

If you have any questions please contact us at

For the full list of requirements, please review your supplier agreement. Ultimately, the most important obligation is to offer a standard of diligence and care expected of a responsible and reputable supplier in the course of its operations - basically, run a fair, customer centric and honest business.

Sign up for accreditation, it's free and fast. Eligibility criteria applies.

As a guide, your business should have an active ABN or NZBN, be registered for GST and have a noticeable market presence. You should have a good trading for a minimum of 3 years and a good track record and good reputation for delivering quality products to your customer's.

Once Procuret has confirmed that you have qualified and you have signed the Supplier Terms of Use and compliance needs, you will have instant access to your supplier dashboard and be able to offer payment links to your business clients.

No. Procuret can only be provided to business customers for essential business purchases. Procuret has credit eligibility criteria around the nature of products or services that can be paid with Procuret. If you have questions, please contact us at