Open Source Code

Procuret facilitates business to business purchases. Suppliers get paid upfront, while customer businesses pay over time. Open source Procuret libraries are available for various platforms. You can use these libraries to integrate Procuret into your projects.


Platform GitHub Repository Package
Python procuret-python procuret (PyPi)
JavaScript procuret-js Self-packaging JavaScript repository
C# .NET procuret-dotnet ProcuretAPI (Nuget)
Swift procuret-swift ProcuretAPI (Swift Package)


All our libraries are available under the permissive MIT license. You can modify, distribute, sell or otherwise deal in software containing our libraries without permission from us, subject to the terms of the MIT license.


Procuret libraries have no third party dependencies beyond the standard libraries provided by their respective target platforms. That means you can install them without having to assess the effect a dependency tree will have on your project.


To get help with Procuret libraries, please contact us. We are always happy to provide assistance with integrations.