Get paid sooner, while your customers
pay over time

Procuret is a business payment platform. It enables suppliers to
offer payments in instalments

Offer your business customers a pay-in-instalments option

Optimised cash flow

Your customer pays in instalments, and you receive the full value of the invoice up front

Branded payment portal

Keep your brand front and centre throughout the payment process


Embed the Procuret payment portal in invoices, on your website, in your e-commerce platform, and more

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How it works for...

Invoice Payments

1. Prepare

Define a Product in your Supplier Dashboard

2. Share

Send your Product link to a customer

3. Payment

Clients pay in easy instalments. You are paid upfront.

1. Select

Clients select to pay in instalments from a link placed on your invoice

2. Setup

Client enters top-of-mind details into your branded payment portal

3. Payment

Clients pay in easy instalments. You are paid upfront.

Loved by Customers


of customer reviews rate Procuret 5/5 stars

by far the best experience I've had with finance

- Miranda K.

quite literally easier than making a funds transfer

- Sajid J.

a great partner... fast, efficient, and reliable

- David C.

Built for integration


Procuret integrates with a wide variety of e-commerce, CRM, and invoicing platforms.


Mix and match varied integration options, from full custom code to drag-and-drop plugins.


Our team will work with you step by step, tailoring Procuret to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your system.


Benefits for your clients

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Embedded Cash Flow Solution

Offering to pay in instalments enables your customers to easily make purchases they need to grow and succeed

Seamless and Instant

Leveraging Procuret, paying over time is immediate and simple

Transparent and affordable

Your customers payments are fully secure through Procuret

Tax Efficient*

Purchases may be eligible for applicable tax and depreciation benefits

*Check with a professional adviser

Procuret has given us a no fuss way to help our customers match their outgoing with income and improve their productivity with our new software. Everybody wins!

John Ayre - CEO Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd