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Junior / Apprentice Software Engineer

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This role is no longer open. This listing is preserved for reference. We are likely to hire more apprentice engineers in future.

Procuret facilitates business-to-business purchases. Our products have been well received in the market, and we are seeking to grow our team and expand our product offering.

We are a small, remote team with a centre of gravity in Sydney, Australia. We are seeking an apprentice or junior software developer.

The ideal candidate is someone who is hungry to learn. You need not have any particular experience or qualification to be hired by us. We are not interested in what you know now. We are interested in how voraciously you acquire new knowledge.

In this role, you will receive intense training. We do not expect you to have prior programming experience, though a history of engaging with code in some manner will be viewed favourably. This is a junior/apprentice role, and you can expect to be trained and mentored intensively.


Requirements of the Role
Responsibilities of the Role
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Requirements of the Role

You may live anywhere in the world. We expect that you will be available to work with us during a significant proportion of the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) workday. How you meet that expectation is up to you - We will not disqualify any candidate based on timezone, so long as you can articulate how you will work alongside us in a healthy and productive manner.

You need not have any particular prior programming experience. We will train and mentor you and help you build the confidence necessary to assume the responsibilites of the role.

Responsibilities of the Role

Your first responsibility will be to learn. Depending on your prior code experience, this may mean a long period of intense study under our tutelage.

As you gain confidence, you will be given responsiblity for maintaining and extending the Procuret Web Application (P-Web). P-Web is the software that serves requests at (this website), including static pages such as this one, and fully dynamic application pages such as those used by customers to execute transactions. You will write code that runs in client browsers, and on Procuret servers.

In developing P-Web, you will be writing Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are no language pre-requisites for the role, however we expect that you will be excited to learn or extend your knowledge of these languages under our tutelage.

As your skills grow, we will grant you freedom to explore development of P-Web as you see fit. We expect you to take ownership over and pride in P-Web, crafting it into an ever better web application. You will be required to triage tasks and balance competing interests. In particular: requests to develop new features, and bug reports from customers.

How to Apply

Please write to us at Please attach a letter introducing yourself and describing something you have built, including:

  1. A description of what you built,
  2. the process by which you built it, and
  3. what you would do differently if you built it again today.

The thing may be physical, such as a tree house, table, garden, or custom motorcycle. It might be digital, such as as personal blog or software product. It might be artistic, such as a painting or piece of music. If you describe something artistic, please focus on the process of creation, rather than the subjective quality of the piece of art.

Your effort to build something need not have been successful. We are not interested in whether the project succeeded or failed.

You may choose to attach a traditional application document such as a Curriculum Vitae, resume, or cover letter. We will happily review them. However, if you are not comfortable creating such documents, omit them. You will not be disadvantaged if you omit traditional documents.

Pay, Benefits and Equipment

We will pay between $50,000 and $65,000 per annum, plus superannuation, four weeks paid leave, and all other Australian statutory benefits. If you are not an Australian resident for the purposes of your employment with us, we will compile a remuneration package that approximates the benefits you would receive if you were an Australian resident. Your physical location will not affect what we pay you.

We will set your precise starting pay based on your starting level of experience. If you have some existing software engineering skills then we may set your starting pay in the higher end of the stated range. We will regularly adjust your pay to reflect the speed at which you acquire new skills working with us.

If you do not have a machine suitable for performing software work, we will provide you with one.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about how Procuret operates, you may be interested in the following: