Pay for your purchase in instalments

Procuret is an easy, secure and flexible way to pay big invoices over time.

Cash flow friendly

Smooth out big, lumpy invoices into manageable instalments

Helps maintain working capital

Pay for business purchases over time, preserving credit limits for working capital

Aligns cash flow with value

Match the value generated by your asset with monthly payments


No property security required. Available for purchases from $500 - $50,000.

Procuret in action

Sarah's architecture practice is growing, and she needs more CAD software licenses for her expanding team. She receives an invoice for $17,500 from her supplier.

Rather than pay the entire invoice up front, Sarah chooses Procuret. Now the cost of expanding her practice is spread across monthly instalments.

Sarah now pays $1,590 per month for twelve months. That payment includes all Procuret's fees.

How Procuret Works

Select Procuret as a payment option

Choose an instalment term, from 3 - 36 months

Complete the application process in under 2 minutes

Start your instalment plan

Use your new asset to grow your business

What you need to get started

An Australian drivers license

Your Australian Business Number (ABN)

A credit or debit card, or bank account

Next steps

Choose an option that works for you

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