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The Trans-Tasman Bubble

Breitner Marinas

22 April 2022

The Trans-Tasman Bubble

About six months ago, the Trans-Tasman bubble hit the Australian vernacular with positive talk about how a safe corridor would be set up to protect Australians and New Zealanders, allowing us to continue our special relationship within a make-believe force field.

Alas, the travel bubble burst and we had to find other ways to interact with one of our oldest allies.

Over the last 4 months, here at Procuret we have been doing business with New Zealand professional services businesses and it has been quite a ride. It has been entirely virtual, but we were fortunate to have existing supportive business relationships and members in our team with close ties to the southern island, helping us create our own Trans-Tasman Bubble.

The more things change...

Even though Australia and New Zealand have taken different paths on how to deal with the pandemic and global trade tensions, I have found that both countries have more in common from a values perspective despite these management differences.

This isn't a political puff piece, but more a recognition of the special cross-border relationship that we have with our southern hemisphere Whānau.

To many, this would sound like something obvious, that proximity = similarity or common values. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth when we look at what is playing out in other parts of the world, particularly Eastern Europe.

On a daily level, we both can't seem to get enough of each other when it comes to studying, travelling overseas, working abroad, or doing business; and of course we love to hate each other in pretty much every sporting arena that we can field a team.

Competitive in code but common in values

Despite this mutual respect, there are no free passes for Australians in NZ. Being close enough is not necessarily good enough. New Zealanders are quite a discerning bunch and will generally do business so long as there is a fair bargain, respect, and honesty.

As we approach ANZAC Day, I am reminded of the solid bonds that exist between our two countries, a relationship that has been forged through the spilling of common blood in foreign lands, a healthy competition that helps keep each other to account, the Yin and Yang of the south pacific. I am grateful for the sacrifices of both the Australians and New Zealanders that have come before us to form the foundation of the relationship that now exists between these two great nations!

During peacetime, the relationship has evolved materially, with Australia and New Zealand becoming lead drivers of the ASEAN Regional Forum. Our common economic ties have helped both nations experience similar economic growth curves over the last 30 years, with the odd divergence due to surges in demand for Australian resources or New Zealand tertiary produce.

Ditching the ditch

In a world of multiple online platforms and social networks to connect and promote transactional business, there is something refreshing about being given the opportunity to again open up the force field between our two nations.

We see New Zealand as more than just another market to sell into. We see it as a long term connection, a source of growth and a future place where talented engineers and business people can establish a career within Procuret.

In 2022, we are investing to grow our presence in New Zealand and service more and more Business to Business suppliers. So if you know of any Suppliers seeking online payment options or know of talented individuals who would be interested in getting in contact with us, please contact us at

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