Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

We asked our Customers to share some of the unique aspects of their business and how Procuret came into their picture. We were overwhelmed by their response. Here is one we couldn’t resist but share with you...

Meet Hunter Jay. Hunter is the Founder and CEO of Ripe Robotics, an automated fruit harvesting technology designed to solve resourcing and efficiency problems in the fruit and agricultural industry. Ripe Robotics was founded in 2019, and today it provides automated fruit picking services in Goulburn Valley.

Simply put, Ripe Robotics builds and manages fruit picking robots. But unlike your typical robot, Ripe’s robots are designed to pick and harvest ripe fruits, directly competing with human alternatives, and providing additional value such as in-depth data analytics to farmers on how to improve yields and fruit quality.

With current worker shortages, travel restrictions and COVID-19 concerns, the timing for this innovative technology could not be better. Ripe’s robots provide the convenience of operating day and night, through extreme weather conditions and at a lower-cost, resulting in reduced financial burden on farmers and whilst increasing farm profitability.

We asked Hunter...

How did you first learn about Procuret?

We use Solidworks, a modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering software used to develop mechatronics systems from beginning to end. Our license was up for renewal and we were looking for an arrangement with a monthly subscription option. Our reseller suggested Procuret as a new payment option.

What did you consider when choosing Procuret over some of the other payment options offered by your supplier?

We found that Procuret offers a ‘Pay by Instalments’ plan that allows us to spread the cost of the Solidworks license into monthly instalments. For us, it is a cash flow-efficient way to pay for such an expense, where its value is realised over time. Procuret automatically charges our selected payment each month, which is super time effective and easy for budgeting.

What was your first time experience with Procuret like?

Overall, it was a great and friendly experience. The payment process from start to end took under a few minutes which was quite fast and simple compared to other alternatives presented for professionals. This was super helpful given my busy schedule and what I have on my plate.

As soon as I entered the invoice value, it was clear what we had to pay. A future feature enhancement would be to provide an additional fee breakdown. It would save me from having to calculate it myself.

How else do you see your business use Procuret in future?

Procuret is a smart way to pay for business purchases while we preserve credit limits for working capital. For as long as we expect $1 now to be more valuable than $1.11 in a year's time, we will likely use it again.