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The Importance of Choosing Wisely

Tim Ng

Looking for the right internship experience as a student can be challenging yet fulfilling at the same time.

In this post, I share my recent internship experiences, in particular at Procuret, a Sydney based, international online B2B payment provider. #The Importance of Choosing Wisely! If you choose wisely, internships aren’t only about learning how to make coffee and photocopying documents. Internships are incredibly valuable for networking, gaining experience, and ultimately helping you land that dream job in your chosen sector. This is especially true for me - an undergraduate double degree in Engineering and Commerce student, with polar opposite subjects, I completed an internship at a Singaporean based Engineering company in 2021, and this year at Procuret, a FinTech company. Getting on-the-ground experience working for a real business is highly seen as a vital component of an undergraduate degree. From working with a global company to a scale up, my internship experiences have so far been very fruitful, particularly at Procuret - shaping my decisions on what I would like to accomplish in the future.

Go for something that is interesting at a personal level

In my penultimate year at university, I was unsure which field I wanted to pursue after graduation – Engineering or Commerce. I have always been interested in the integrations between finance and technology, which is why I chose to study Commerce and applied for an internship at Procuret. Whilst at Procuret, it became very clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in business. The most important thing about an internship is the experience that it gives you. The experience that I have gained at Procuret has been invaluable for a number of reasons. I was able to gain a lot of insight into the finance and technology industry and how it works, as well as able to work on a business development project that helped me develop my skills. My time here was not only focused on my studies but also on my personal development as an individual!

Gaining New Perspectives

Originally from an Engineering background, my previous training and internship experience have all been based on my technical abilities. Whilst Engineering internships provided me with the ability to support large projects with my technical skills, the nature of the project was not fast-paced enough for it to be exciting and provide meaning. Coming into the FinTech industry, I was able to experience a different type of internship that provided me with an opportunity to work on a project that was fast-paced and exciting. The nature of the work allowed me to contribute in a meaningful way and allow for quick decision-making. I have always enjoyed taking ownership of my responsibilities and being able to make decisions that can affect results, which is why this internship was so enjoyable for me.

Invaluable Skills Not Taught in Classroom!

Procuret exposed me to one of the most valuable skills that a university graduate should learn - Sales. Sales is a unique skill that can be applied in so many ways. It’s also one of the most sought-after skills in the workforce, which makes it important to understand how to sell effectively. I was able to learn this skill by working closely with the sales team and seeing how they use their knowledge of customer needs to create value for clients. You will hardly be able to gain sales experience in a classroom setting, as it is very much based on empirical methods and learning through trial and error. However, it is not just sales, but the concept of partnerships that has changed my perception! Procuret equally prioritises sales and partnerships both hand in hand, such that long-term partnerships with their suppliers is just as important as closing the deal. This changed my approach to making sales and I realised that sales should not be viewed as a one-off transaction, but rather as a long-term process of building relationships with customers. Instead of focusing solely on closing the deal, I realised that it was important to build a good relationship with my clients as well. This reinforced the importance of not just thinking about how to sell a product, but also how to provide value to your clients at the same time.

The Wrap Up

Overall, my experience as an intern has provided me with valuable experiences. The culture at Procuret is very welcoming, and the atmosphere is always friendly. Everyone at Procuret is willing to help you with any questions or difficulties that you might encounter throughout your internship. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about FinTech to apply for an internship at Procuret!

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